She's Under His Skin and He's Gotta Scratch #MWTease

MidWeekTease2Huge thanks and acknowledgement to the hostess with the mostess, Sandra Bunino, for sponsoring the Mid Week Tease meme.

Today I’m going to give you a final tease from my story in the just released anthology from Evernight Publishing, Executive Assistant. My story is called “A Knight With The Boss”.

The heroine, Tory (Victoria) Knight, is a talented video game programmer who has just signed on with the company that bought out her family’s company, a sale she was powerless to stop. Due to a non-compete agreement, she’s become the newest employee of Gorman Designs for a year. If only the charismatic head of the company, Rafe Gorman, wasn’t so…so…

Sometimes a man got an itch no amount of scratching could soothe. That was when he had to concede the itch to be under his skin and not superficial.


Victoria was that kind of itch.


Day by day her designs came in to him for review, as he had requested. Brilliant and inspired were adjectives too feeble to do her … them … justice. He marveled at the unexpected challenges she wove into her games and the quirky personality traits she imbued in her characters. No one created like VC Knight. No one.


But he was also tired of living with his regrets over how he had forced her into indentured servitude and then run away after they made love. Both she and his guilt had burrowed in so deeply, he had no hope of curing the itch until he could talk to her. Bottom line. He wanted herโ€”all of herโ€”in his bed, in his business, in his life.


So that was why a grown man of his importance and stature was staking out an employee’s apartment on a Sunday night. Weeks of lurking in the shadows for a glimpse of her or a snatch of her laughter were not the actions of a rational man.


The nonsense would end. One way or another, tonight his conscience would be cleansed.


He snatched up the paperwork and got out of his car. Buzzing her apartment from the lobby was risky, but his covert days were over. That sort of behavior was beneath him.


The buzzer sounded and a few seconds later, Victoria’s voice came over the intercom. “Rafe. What are you doing here?”


Shit! She could see him?

So much for his stated intent of no longer being covert…at least until he can see her face to face, I guess.

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