Regrettable Book of the Week Playoffs — Setup and Round One!

As of last week, I’ve featured 29 Regrettable books—26 I did myself, 1 I co-wrote with Diane Dooley and 1 was written by guest, Aimee Laine. 29 books over seven months is a lot of weekly regrets! Your comments have been awesome and I thank everyone who puttered by to share in the frivolity.

But now it’s your turn to participate. I’m really interested in how they stack up against each other. Believe it or not, many of these have plot bunnies I could see turning into a real book, hopefully with the regrettable elements stripped out and a better cover. LOL

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to run a playoff with brackets to narrow down to the finalists and ultimate winner! I want to know:

Which Regrettable Book of the Week was YOUR Favorite?

…whether it’s because it made you laugh hardest, shake your head longest or tap your chin and think, “Hmm, now THIS, I’d possibly even read if penned by the awesome Lila” (or anyone, really).

To refresh your memory, here are the nominees (click cover to read any blurb):

MarshallingofKittyWhitePLAYING FOR KEEPSCarriedAwaychocoateMakerBillionaireCinderellaPandaMineDeliveryManChillinwithDaddy
VerityFausseWidowsLastLaughAbsolutelyLove2Harlequin Sheik-2Wee_WillyLacemakerMOmmySwapHungryForYouRainbowsEndDessert_LoverBridezillaMakeupRevenge so sweetRuthlessGingerBullyTakesABrideBreederNannyAlieninBed Domme Fight Club
















































Please choose your favorite TEN (10) regrettables to advance to the finals. I’ll break any ties. All participants in my madness will have a shot at a prize! More on that next week. For this week, let’s do the first round of voting.